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About Us

Modern (Int'l) Scaffolding System Ltd


Modern (Int'l) Scaffolding System Ltd has been incorporated in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary company of Modern (Int'l) P & M Holdings Ltd (MHL).  The Company is stemmed from the Scaffolding Department of the mother company (MHL).  Access & scaffolding business has started since 1980, we concentrated on the hiring and selling of steel pipe scaffoldings and soon afterwards became one of the biggest scaffoldings leasing companies in Hong Kong.



- Modern (Int'l) Access & Scaffolding Co. Ltd.


- Modern (Int'l) Scaffolding System Ltd.


- Modern (Int'l) Scaffolding Engineering Ltd.


- Modern (Int'l) Engineering Co. Ltd.


- Modern (China) Scaffolding Manufacturing Ltd.





To focus on particular markets and products, MHL went through substantial expansion, improvement, and tuning in the last 35 years.  MHL was restructed in the year 2015 to execute the decision from the management to diversify, strength and further expand our business to better serve the market needs - Modern (Int'l) Scaffolding System Ltd was then found.



Our prime objective is to provide a one-stop service of the safest scaffoldings to our partners in Hong Kong and Macau.