“ARMS” is one of the most popular modular scaffolding system adopted in both construction & industrial sectors nowadays. It provides fast, easy and yet strong connections and versatile applications. The systems consists of modular ledgers, diagonals, standards, steel decks, stairs, ladders, etc. Made from high tensile steel tube and hot dip galvanized.




Advantages of “ARMS”


  • ♦ Light Weight  -​​ Components are more light-weight compared to traditional frame system and prop system. Easier handling procedures and less labour is required.
  • ♦ Productivity & Cost Saving  -​​ The system can be installed, dismantled and being transported to other levels quickly, improving productivity and efficiency.
  • ♦ Infinite height adjustment - The system is modular and flexible, it is easy to achieve different heights by simply combining different length of standards. The limitation of height adjustment range of props is then eliminated.
  • ♦ Flexibility - All standards are braced to the others in two directions but height of each standard can be achieved independently. This is extremely useful when propping to structure with varying beams and slabs soffit height. Furthermore, unlike other frames or props system, “ARMS” do not required clumsy tubes & clamps bracing which make “ARMS” outstanding in labour & time saving.
  • ♦ Environmental Friendly  - In case of strutting to beams (re-propping), the standard prop against the soffit directly, therefore, less bearer is needed as that required by traditional frame system, it helps lowering cost as well as environmental protection.
  • ♦ Economic Design - High loading capacity (30kN to 95kN) is ideal to support heavy working loads. Different load capacities can be achieved easily according to actual structural requirement just by alteration of ledger spacing. A cost effective design can be simply made subject to Engineer’s desire.
  • ♦ Versatility - A wide range of different ledgers and diagonals spans are available to suit for special design needs.
  • ♦ Safety - Thanks to the high quality manufacturing technology and great loading capacity of “ARMS”, structural safety during demolition is enhanced. Work safety during erection & dismantle process is also improved because “ARMS” comes with full range of accessories & fittings, such as ladders, steel decking, toe boards, brackets, outriggers etc…

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